Religious Education


Everyone believes something.

These beliefs guide our lives and have value. Religious Education is a subject that gives you the opportunity to explore these further as well as other peoples’ worldview.  As a department we are dedicated to building religious literacy in our students; giving them the tools they need to become global citizens and be able to take part in the wider inter-faith discussions that occur in our society.

Currently, at Key Stage 3, students examine the six major world religions including Christianity, Islam and Sikhism. They also look at other worldviews such as Humanism. Students are asked to examine topics such as the ‘problem of evil’ as well as exploring key questions about ethical conduct.

At Key Stage 4, all students study the WJEC board, Specification B on ‘Believing and Living’. Topics covered include ‘Looking for Meaning’, ‘Religion and Authority’ and ‘Religion and Medicine’. Students are encouraged to look at a variety of religious viewpoints and evidence their answers with evaluation and sources. It also offers students a chance to reflect on wider issues outside the classroom and how they fit into that bigger picture.

The Sixth Form course is ‘Philosophy and Ethics’ where students study the WJEC examination board A-Level. The course includes looking at ethical theory such as utilitarianism and the philosophical arguments for the existence for God. Students are required to get a ‘B’ grade at GCSE in R.E and a ‘C’ grade in English to apply for the course at A-Level. We are currently developing our OMNI.RE website project with Sixth Form students, who are encouraged to engage with subject material outside the classroom and explore theory through different mediums. This will eventually be launched across the Key Stages to promote active learning for all.



Mrs S Schelpe


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As a department we are very proud of the outstanding work and projects that students develop throughout the year. Recent examples of this include year 8 Buddhism projects where students tackled a key question with extraordinary independent research and really took on board how religious teachings can affect the actions of those around us. Year 7s have also produced some incredible work in preparation for their exhibitions on ‘Who is Jesus?’ with groups analysing Jesus from historical, theological and sociological angles.


There are after-school support sessions available for GCSE students in the run up to mock exams and then before May/June. Please ask your teacher for more details.