Work Experience

The purpose of Work Experience is to provide pupils with the opportunity, before leaving school, of having experienced directly the realities of working life. It is an exercise, forming an integral part of the school curriculum, and is not to be regarded as specifically vocational training or recruitment.

Pupils are given an insight into the world of work, its disciplines and its organisation. Pupils will be afforded opportunities to:

  1.   compare their career ideas with actual experiences in various skills/work areas;

  2.  be given opportunities to see the potential applications of the knowledge they have been acquiring;

  3.  gain an appreciation of work attitudes and an understanding of the differences between school and work;

  4.  have a chance to meet and establish relationships with people outside their acquaintance;

  5.  develop a range of transferable, key employability skills

All pupils should have the opportunity to take part in Work Experience during their last 14 months of compulsory schooling. The Deepings School has chosen the period following the Easter break as best meeting the particular curriculum, timetabling and staffing arrangements for this school. It is not possible to arrange any Year 10 placements for any other time. Part-time jobs undertaken by pupils in holiday periods are not regarded as Work Experience by the school. 

Check out the tips and advice provided by former students in the document below.


Sixth Form students will also have opportunities to take part in a period of extended work experience, as determined by their timetable and following approval from the Head of Sixth Form. Students expand on their experiences in Year 10 and source their own placements, further developing their research and communication skills. This additional opportunity will prove valuable when applying for higher education courses and on seeking employment.


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