BBC School Report 2016

To start the process we looked at example reports to understand how they are written. After seeing the structure we did a practice report about a false plane crash to help us see how the report changes as you are given more information over time.

We split into the groups that we were going to do the reports in and we picked our topics focusing on topics that interested us. Researching these topics and pulling together interview questions was the next step in the process. 

After learning different camera angles and how to use the iPads to receive the best picture, we shot our reports including interviews with other students about their opinion on the topic of the report. On the final day editing, weather, finding the day’s news and taking pictures all took place to finalise the report. Eventually after much work the final report made up of the group special reports, the day’s news, weather and a gallery of images to support was completed.

Overall making the final reports was great! Especially knowing how to use different camera angles and the interview techniques. Editing and finding the day’s news was interesting, the idea of finally piecing the reports together excited us to see how it would turn out.

Written by Bailie and Olivia
News Editors