Peterborough United throw down a challenge!

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Earlier this week a team of coaches from Peterborough United came in to school to work with year 7 students on an exciting enterprise challenge.

Working in groups of 9 or 10, they had to design either a mascot, programme or football kit, using a selection of resources, and explore the profit and loss of the club!

Although they didn’t always know many of their fellow team members, the groups worked well together to produce some fantastic marketing and promotional products.  At the end of the session every team had to present their ideas to the whole group and although a little nerve-racking, they rose to the challenge and gained in confidence.

The winning team from Tuesday was table 9 made up of Freya Newman/Megan Davis/Lilly McDonald/Becky Reynolds/Grace Spencer/Chris Stead/Ashley Church/Isaac Thompson/Xavier Veloso and Joe Thompson.

Thursday’s winning team were from table 10 made up of Chloe Ward/Ella Newnes/Lewis Parker/Max Jacob/Naomi Kitts-Foord/Emma Svecova/Leah Leftley/Charlotte Hinch and Mia Reed.

All team members will receive two tickets to the first POSH match of the season!

A special additional award will go to Tobi Obalua who impressed the POSH coaches with his outstanding presentation skills. 

Well done to all of year 7 who really embraced the tasks and make the most of the challenge, developing some key skills and showing how effectively they can work together in a team.

Mrs Taylor
Careers & Events Manager

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