Year 10 enterprise and employability skills day

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On 25 January year 10 students took part in an employability and enterprise skills day, delivered by entrepreneurs from the excellent Bright Futures organisation.

Pupils worked in teams of five and spent the day learning how to be enterprising and resilient, what skills and qualities employers look for and discovered how to prepare for interviews and create an effective CV. There were lots of team tasks including one using an A4 sheet of paper, which had to be cut in such a way that all five students, their table and chairs had to fit inside it!

Students also took part in two key challenges during the day. They had to design and build an innovative model theme park rollercoaster ride, working to a set brief with limited materials and within a set timeframe. Another was to ‘negotiate’ the purchase of materials to design and make a loyalty card holder for Sir Darren Sugar! Students were only able to purchase resources if they presented themselves in a professional manner, with spotless uniform and within the deadlines set.

Mrs Taylor who co-ordinated the event said: “Activities linked well to students’ preparation for work experience and enabled them to learn about entrepreneurship. They also worked in non-friendship groups, managed their time well and many excelled with their negotiating skills!”

The Bright Futures lead presenter said: “We always look forward to working with students from The Deepings School who have some excellent ideas and engage well with the activities.”


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