Cracking Coasts

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“Cracking coasts”

Y7 Geography trip to Hunstanton

On Friday the 17 June, most of Year 7 went on a Geography field trip to Hunstanton. We were split into groups and given a group leader. We did so many fun things, all involving something educational.

During our time there we were given the task of solving 4 mysteries. The 4 mysteries were:

MYSTERY 1: Why has Michael put rocks at the base of the cliff?

Mr Baker led this activity, down by the cliffs of Old Hunstanton. The activity was about the different rock types. Carrstone, clay, red clay and Michael Kennedy’s rock. We did an activity about acidic sea water and non-acidic mineral water where we put all the different types of rock in water and watched which eroded quickest. The clay eroded quickest and Michael Kennedy’s took the longest.

Mystery 2: Why is Mrs Goggins not worried about coastal erosion?

Mr Smith (Geography) ran this activity. For this mystery we had to measure the groynes on both the north and south sides which reached out and stretched into the sea blocking the sand being picked up and deposited on the beach. There was a lot more sand on one side because of the longshore drift that carries the sand diagonally. So the groynes are ugly but do a great job keeping Hunstanton safe from coastal erosion.

Mystery 3: Why is the sea brown and what direction does it move?

For the next mystery Mr Shepherd collected a jug of sea water and filter paper and filtered the sea water. We saw that sand, dirt and broken down seaweed were in it.

Mr Shepherd also ran an activity where we had to throw an orange into the sea and measure how far it moved in 3 minutes. Ours moved 55 metres left because of longshore drift.

Mystery 4: Why has Mr Trow chosen to go on holiday to Hunstanton this summer?

  Miss Dexter led this activity. We had a tally chart which had names of different types of buildings on, so we walked around the town in our groups looking for them. Most of them were tourist shops, so it’s no surprise he chose to go to Hunstanton because it’s so touristy.

Altogether it was a great and extremely enjoyable experience, and everyone who went is incredibly thankful to everyone who helped.

By Jacob Brown, Priory student.       


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