Key Stage 3

Upon entering the school students are divided into 3 Colleges - Guthlac, Priory and Welland, each with an equal balance of ability and talent.

For English, Mathematics, Science, and Humanities and Spanish students are taught in ability based groupings.  Students are placed into 2 half year bands each with an equal ability range.  The highest attaining students in each band are placed into an EXCEL group, the other students are placed into one of 4 sets for each of their subjects.

For the Arts, PE and Technology students are placed into mixed groups with students from all Colleges.

For PSHEE in Year 7 pupils are taught in their tutor groups, normally by their Head of College or Progress Leaders.

In Years 7 and 8 all students study:

Art, Drama, English, Geography, History, ICT, Mathematics, Modern Foreign Language, Music, Physical Education, RE, Science, Technology and PSHEE.

In Year 9 all students start GCSE courses in English, Mathematics, Science, a Modern Foreign Language, and the Humanities subjects.  Students choose two further GCSESs from a wide range of courses including Expressive Arts courses, Practical courses, Technology courses, Business and IT courses.  In addition all students take core PE and PSHEE.

At the end of Year 9 the GCSE courses to be taken into Year 10 and 11 are confirmed.  All students must take English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, a Modern Foreign Language and either Geography or History.  In addition each student will continue with two further courses from those studied in Year 9.

Student progress is monitored termly and movement between sets is common. Where a change in grouping is made for a student, parents will be informed and the reason for the change fully explained.