Year 7 Catch Up Premium

2015 - 2016

*We received £27,000 for Y7 pupils who did not attain a level 4 in English reading and/or maths

*The funding was used to bring in an external company, Pet xi, to deliver week long immersive programme for both subject areas. Learners were engaged in different activities designed to not only develop subject skills but also to develop self-esteem. They also received additional support during the week from staff provided by the school.

*For one pupil, a 2 week bespoke programme was devised and delivered due to his individual needs.

*Looking at the end of year attainment data78% of those who did not achieve the KS2 benchmark did so by the end of year 7 in English and 54% did so in maths.

2016 - 17

*We will receive the same funding as last year for Y7 pupils who were deemed as not being secondary ready at KS2.

*This year we are going to provide the support within school. Maths have already begun a ‘Maths Mastery’ programme which will provide weekly support for 1 lesson per week working to secure the foundations of maths skills. Initial testing has taken place and pupils have been grouped according to ability (group sizes will be differentiated upon working levels). They will work through a programme developing foundation skills and will be assessed again at the end of the block to measure impact. The assessment will be based on KS2 success criteria. Further support will continue for those pupils who require it. We have allocated £10,000 for this to be delivered by a visiting teacher working 2 days a week throughout the year.

*With a new Director of English in place from September 2016, we hope to commence an English programme in the new year.