Staff List

Teaching Staff








Mr  Akhtar   Assistant Headteacher

Mr S Allen Welland Teacher of PE Head of Department PE
Mr L Anderson Priory Teacher of Mathematics    
Mr Andrew Guthlac Teacher of Art  Head of Department Art
Mrs R Atkins Priory Teacher of Geography Head of Department Geography
Mr G Baker Welland Teacher of Geography

Acting Head of College
Mr S Bannister Priory Teacher of Mathematics

Mr C Barham Priory Teacher of Mathematics Second in Department Mathematics
Miss C Barratt Welland Teacher of English
Mrs V Bedingfield- Millikin Welland Teacher of MFL Head of Department MFL
Mr M Beg Priory Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs N Benjamin Priory Scitt Director
Ms A Brunskill Welland Teacher of MFL

Second in Department MFL

Mr A Burnell Priory Teacher of Mathematics    
Mrs K Burnell Guthlac Teacher of Science
Mr C Campbell Guthlac Teacher of Science Director of Science
Mrs J Chapman  Priory Teacher of History Head of Department History
Mr J Clack Guthlac Teacher of Art    
Mr R Corner Guthlac Teacher of Science Assistant Headteacher
Mr Cotton Welland Teacher of PE Second in Department PE
Mrs C Cross   Swimming Co-ordinator    
Miss L Dean Priory Teacher of RE RE Co-ordinator
Ms N Déniz-Woodward Welland Teacher of MFL SCITT Manager
Miss J Dexter Priory Teacher of Geography

Sixth Form Assistant Progress and Transition Leader
Mrs S Donaldson Guthlac Teacher of PE

Deputy Head of College

Miss L Driscoll Priory Teacher of Drama Head of College
Mr P Durham Guthlac Teacher of ICT & Computer Science Head of Department Social Sciences
Mrs C Forrest Welland Teacher of English Lead Teacher C&C
Mr M Friend Welland Assistant Headteacher Assistant Headteacher
Miss Gallagher Priory Teacher of RE

PSHEE & SMSC Co-ordinator
Mr D Gardiner Guthlac Teacher of Technology
Miss R Hardy Welland  Teacher of English
Miss R Harlock Priory Teacher of PE & PSHEE Deputy Head of College
Mr T Hawes Welland Teacher of Drama Head of Department Performing Arts
Mrs Z Higton Welland Teacher of English    
Mr Hipwell Welland Teacher of PE & Maths
Mrs J Hollamby Priory  Teacher of Business Studies Head of Department Business Studies
Mr  D Holmes Priory Teacher of History
Mr D Horsfield Guthac Teacher of Science Second in Department Science  
Mrs D Howitt Priory Swimming Instructor    
Miss A Isherwood Guthlac Teacher of Science    
Mr R James Guthlac Teacher of Science    
Mr C Kelly Welland Teacher of English Pupil Premium Progress Leader
Mrs H King Priory Teacher of History
Mrs  P Knowles Welland Teacher of English
Miss C Kyriacou Priory Teacher of RE, PSHEE and Social Science    
Mr I Ladley   Deputy Headteacher
Miss K Lee Welland Teacher of PE
Miss P Lennie Welland Teacher of English
Mr J Lister Guthlac Teacher of Science    
Mrs J Locke Priory Teacher of Mathematics Lead Practitioner Mathematics  
Mr  Lord   Headteacher
Miss K MacDonald Guthlac Teacher of Technology
Miss L Maddison Guthlac Teacher of Art
Mr D Marples Welland Teacher of English
Mr D McDonald Priory Teacher of Mathematics Director fo Mathematics
Dr C Mendes Welland Teacher of English
Mrs Moore Guthlac Teacher of Art
Mr C Niblock Welland Teacher of English
Mr P Osborne Guthlac Teacher of ICT
Mr S Ostler Guthlac Teacher of Science Science Co-ordinator
Mrs A Paleoca Welland Teacher of MFL
Mrs M Parker Welland Swimming Instructor    
Mrs D Pearson Guthlac Head of Additional Needs SENCO

Mr P Pearson Welland Teacher of PE
Mr  Presneill Priory Assisant Headteacher Teacher of History Responsibility for the Curriculum
Mrs R Punter Welland Teacher of Science Deputy Head of College
Mr J Randall-Carrick Guthlac Teacher of Science
Mrs R Rigby Guthlac Teacher of Science
Mrs J Robertson Guthlac Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S Robinson Priory Teacher of Mathematics    
Miss Z Rock Guthlac Teacher of Business Studies
Miss C Russon Welland Teacher of PE Head of College

Mrs I Sans Garcia Welland Teacher of MFL
Mrs S Schelpe Priory Teacher of PSHEE Head of Department RPE & PSHEE
Mr T Seston Welland Teacher of English Second in Department English  
Mr P Shepherd Priory Teacher of Geography Duke of Edinburgh & Extra Curricular Co-ordinator
Mrs B Shilling Welland Sixth Form Progress Leader Sixth Form Progress and Transition Leader
Mr J Smith  Guthlac Teacher of Drama Head of College
Mr N Smith Priory Teacher of History    
Mr P Smith  Priory Assistant Headteacher Director of Learning Sixth Form
Mrs N Sowinska Priory Teacher of Mathematics KS4 Co-ordinator Mathematics  
Miss L Spencer Guthlac Teacher of Technology

Head of Department Technology
Ms K Stapleton Guthlac Teacher of Science
Mrs C Starling Welland Teacher of English Director of English
Miss T Story Guthlac Teacher of Science    
Mrs P Su Guthlac Teacher of Science
Miss K Sutton Welland Teacher of Music Head of Department Music
Miss C Thompson Welland Teacher of MFL
Miss K Thorndike Priory Teacher of Mathematics KS2 to KS3 Transition Mathematics
Mrs S Tomey Welland Teacher of MFL    
Ms L Tomlinson Guthlac Teacher of Food Technology
Mrs L Vere Welland Teacher of Psychology
Mr Vernall Guthlac Teacher of ICT
Mr M Walker Guthlac Teacher of ICT  Head of Department ICT

Mr  S Wallis Welland Teacher of English KS4 Co-ordinator English
Mr C Walton Guthlac Teacher of Science
Miss A Watson Welland Teacher of English KS5 Co-ordinator English
Mr J Weight Welland Teacher of English    
Mr P Wieczorek Guthlac Teacher
Mrs J Williamson Welland Teacher of English

Support Staff






Mrs Alexander School Receptionist Welland  
Mrs Aranyi Catering Assistant    
Mrs Armstrong Cover Supervisor Priory  
Mrs Baird Parker Heads PA/Clerk to Governors
Mrs Barker Senior Science Technician Guthlac  
Mr Beeken Assistant Caretaker Priory  
Mr Blessett Site Manager Welland  
Miss Brumpton Science Technician Guthlac  
Mrs Brunning Teaching Assistant Welland  
Miss Burd Catering Assistant    
Miss Butler Teaching Assistant    
Mrs Carmichael Educational Visits Co-ordinator Priory  
Mrs Carr Catering Assistant/Food Technology Technician Welland  
Mrs Chawko Catering Assistant    
Mrs Coley Teaching Assistant Guthlac  
Mrs Conboy Catering Manager Guthlac  
Mr Cook Apprentice Assistant IT Technician Welland  
Mrs Crunkhorn-Smith Midday Supervisory Assistant    
Mrs Cubitt Teaching Assistant Guthlac  
Miss Curtis Teaching Assistant Priory  
Mrs Davies School Library Assistant Welland  
Mrs Didlick School Receptionist Welland  
Mrs Dimeloe SCITT Administrator Guthlac  
Mrs Dodwell College Administrator Priory
Mrs Dunn Catering Assistant Guthlac  
Mrs Durham Teaching Assistant Welland  
Mrs Ellis Data Administration Assistant Welland  
Mrs Farrell Teaching Assistant Priory  
Mrs Fenlon College Administration Assistant Welland  
Miss Fialkowski Midday Supervisory Assistant    
Mrs Gibbins Science Technician Guthlac  
Mrs Gill Examinations Officer Priory  
Mrs Goodchild School Business Manager Guthlac
Mrs Hamblyn College Administration Assistant Guthlac  
Mr Harby Cover Supervisor Welland  
Mrs Harriman Teaching Assistant Guthlac  
Mr  Harrison Behaviour Support Co-ordinator    
Mrs Head College Administration Assistant Priory  
Mrs Hillson Sixth Form Administrator Guthlac
Mrs Jeffery Internal Exclusion Manager Guthlac  
Mr Jessop Facilities Manager Guthlac  
Mrs Jones Lead CPO, Vulnerable & Looked After Children Officer Welland
Mrs Keating Teaching Assistant Welland  
Mrs Keighley Secretary to SENCO Priory  
Mrs Kerley Student Support Officer Welland
Mrs Kirby Teaching Assistant Welland  
Mrs Lefley Data Administrator Priory  
Miss Lewin Catering Assistant    
Mrs Litman Student Support Office Guthlac  
Mrs Logue Catering Assistant Welland  
Mrs Marshall Finance Assistant Welland  
Mrs Meikle Additional Needs Administrator/Teaching Assistant Priory  
Mrs Mitchell Cover Supervisor Priory  
Mr Norman Workshop Technician Guthlac  
Miss Nugent Cover Supervisor Welland  
Mrs Ostler Data Manager Guthlac  
Mrs Pask Data Administration Assistant Welland  
Mrs Peacock Human Resources Manager Priory
Miss Phillips Catering Assistant Priory  
Dr Proctor IT Assistant Priory  
Mrs Rangolam Teaching Assistant Priory  
Mr Ready Assistant Caretaker Priory  
Ms Richards SEN Manager Guthlac  
Mrs Robson Assistant Cook Welland  
Mrs Rodriguez de Dorey MFL Assistant Priory  
Mrs Russen College Administrator Welland
Mrs Sadikot Art Technician Guthlac  
Mrs Saunders Finance Assistant Welland  
Mrs Sayer Finance Manager Priory  
Miss Sharman Attendance Officer Priory  
Mrs Smith Education Welfare Officer    
Mr Street IT Systems Manager Guthlac  
Mrs Swaffield College Administration Assistant Priory  
Mrs Taylor Careers & Events/Publicity Manager Welland
Miss Tinnon Catering Assistant    
Miss Turner Assistant Science Technician Guthlac  
Mrs Underwood Teaching Assistant Guthlac  
Mrs Wallis School Librarian Welland  
Mrs Williams Cover Supervisor Guthlac  
Mrs Wray Student Support Officer Priory  
Mrs Wray Teaching Assistant Guthlac